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internship Bali


An internship on the magical island Bali!

Bali, a tropical island in Indonesia. It is probably the most well known and beloved island in the world.

Experience while learning

We carefully select the internship companies which we collaborate with. This way we know for sure that you will have an educational period in addition to a great time.

€499,- Internship mediation

  • Down payment on a no cure no pay basis
  • An internship tailored to your needs
  • Support before and during your internship
  • Support with obtaining the right visa

€79,- Accommodation mediation Optional

  • Help with finding a suitable accommodation
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How does it work?


After applying on our website, we will contact you within one working day to discuss your needs & wants without any obligation.

Internship proposal

AE Internships compiles your personal profile after you have made the down payment of € 150,- (no cure no pay). With a potential fit, a proposal for your ultimate dream internship will be made.


An interview follows between you and the company. When there is a match and approval from your study program, the remaining mediation costs will be charged.

The preparation

The other necessary matters are set in motion to prepare you as good as possible for your Bali experience. Think of: accommodation, vaccinations, and visa.


You fly to Bali and will have the time of your life! During your internship period, AE Internships also offers support with any complications and/or questions.

Do you have any questions? Contact Jules, your personal Bali expert.

Internship Bali

A small selection of our Internship Companies

To give an indication, below you will find a small selection of the unique internship companies that AE Internships collaborates with. Is your dream internship not listed? Do not worry, AE Internships has a very wide range of internship offers.

Stage Bali

Bali Bustle

Bali Bustle is a co-working and co-living space with a modern touch. People all over the world come here to expand their network and to learn new things. The digital nomad movement has never been so big as it is now. 

Stage Bali

Hanging Gardens

Hidden in the jungle of Ubud you will find the Hanging Gardens. With its 44 private luxury villa’s, this is the perfect getaway. The 7 star luxury resort has one of the most stunning infinity pools in the world.

Bali stage

Bali Interiors

Bali interiors is the only media platform that is showcasing and promoting beautiful interiors and exteriors in Bali. With a monthly reach of more than 2 million impressions this is a great platform for hotels, restaurants and beach clubs to promote their businesses.

Looking for your dream internship? We are here to help you!

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Without any obligation and on a no cure no pay basis

Stage lopen in Bali

Bali, a unique island!

There are not many cultural islands on the world that are so beloved as this one. It does something with you! The culture, the vibe, the kind people, the delicious food, the beautiful beaches, the stunning temples and a lot of different hidden attractions. Don't forget to discover all the gorgeous islands around Bali. This Indonesian island is perfect for everyone! For both active people as people who love to take it easy.  

Besides Bali has a lot to offer, the island is also a good place for having an instructive internship. Because of the increase of tourism the last couple of years there has been a growth in businesses around the island. That is why Bali has a great variation of internship companies. All these ingredients together will make Bali a perfect destination for your dream internship. 


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Do I receive a compensation during my internship in Bali?

Why should I do an internship abroad?

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I’m very satisfied with the service and speed on finding an internship. AE Internships found a company that suits my personal needs and the requirements of my study. I have had a great time in Bali and had a great internship. I recommend everyone to take this step!

Joep (20), Sales

At AE internships they really want the best for their students and they are always there for you when you need them. I had a problem with the internship they had arranged, this was not as expected, but eventually I could start a new internship three days after quitting the first internship. All in all I am satisfied with the service, they are very involved with their students.

Isa (20), E-commerce

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