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We are AE Internships!

Experience while learning

"Our mission is to offer the student an unforgettable time abroad, in combination with a suitable and high-quality internship to ensure that every student can develop him/herself on a professional and personal level."

AE Internships, which stands for Abroad Experience Internships, is the internship agency at the locations Bali, Barcelona, Curaçao, Madrid and Amsterdam. The organization was founded in 2018 and the team now consists of five specialists. Everyday we passionately work to help students finding their dream internship abroad.

It is not without a reason that AE Internships calls itself the internship specialist on location. We know everything about our destinations. These destinations are carefully selected, quality over quantity. That is one of the reasons why students choose for AE Internships.

Meet the founders

buitenland stage

Jules van Uijen

Jules has both done an internship as well as a study abroad during his BBA. Because of this valuable knowledge and experience in combination with a good dose of enthusiasm, Jules is happy to help you find a suitable internship abroad. 

stage buitenland

Sander Halewijn

Sander is broadly oriented with his two years of experience abroad. Sander would be happy to guide you through the entire process towards your unforgettable internship abroad!