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The internship agency of Bali, Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia!

Experience while learning

Have you always wanted to do an internship abroad? AE Internships goes for nothing less than your ultimate match!

It is not without reason that more and more students choose for an internship abroad during their studies. An internship abroad broadens your horizons. In addition to having a great abroad experience, AE Internships guarantees the most educational internships selected on your personal wishes. Our destinations are carefully selected, we care about quality over quantity. Take your chance to gain knowledge and experience within a new culture!

Internship destinations

How does it work?


After applying on our website, we will contact you within one working day to discuss your needs & wants without any obligation.

Internship proposal

AE Internships compiles your personal profile after you have made the down payment of € 199,- (no cure no pay). With a potential fit, a proposal for your ultimate dream internship will be made.


An interview follows between you and the company. When there is a match and approval from your study program, the remaining mediation costs will be charged.

The preparation

The other necessary matters are set in motion to prepare you as good as possible for your abroad experience. Think of: accommodation, language school, visa or permit.


You fly to your internship destination and will have the time of your life! During your internship period, AE Internships also offers support with any complications and/or questions.


Why use an internship agency?

Why choose for AE Internships?

How does the no cure no pay principle works?

How long does it take to find an internship?

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"Very great support in the search for an internship, they set up an interview and you can ask them all your questions. Also in the period when you are abroad they offer help when needed. And they organize a very fun welcome event!"

Jay (21), Finance intern

"In September 2020 I moved to Madrid for an internship. It was very difficult to find an internship and AE Internships had great support, they looked at what both I wanted and what the company was looking for. Many classmates did an internship in the Netherlands, that’s why I am even happier that I have made the investment because despite the coronavirus I still had an amazing adventure that I will never forget!"

Noor (21), University of Rotterdam