een stage op Bali

A student’s first impression of Bali

The first time in Bali. It is a dream for many students, spending 5 months on a tropical island while doing your internship. With the help of AE Internships this dream became my reality. I did a marketing internship at a co-working space in Canggu. These were my first impression on the beautiful island of Bali:

Scooter rijden Bali

1. Busy traffic and driving on the left side.

When I arrived at the airport I thought the taxi driver opened the door for me. I nodded kindly, he looked confused. I was sitting on the driver’s seat, my bad! They drive on the left side, so of course the steering wheel is on the right. Traffic is very different over here, many people use a scooter. The traffic looks like an organized chaos. But after one week you will getting used to it.

2. Cheap

I was a bit skeptical about the cheap aspect of Bali. Everyone told me Thailand would be cheap but I still managed to spend €800,- in 12 days. But in my opinion Bali is a lot cheaper. For lunch I had a so-called goring platter: fried tempeh, tofu, banana and mixed vegetables for only €2,-. A few hours later I was still saturated! You can also rent a scooter for only €45,- per month and get a full tank for €3,-. The costs of living in Indonesia are way cheaper than in western countries.

3. Kind people and relaxed atmosphere

The people in Bali are so sweet and genuine! A taxi driver who brought me around on the weekend became my friend. From the moment he found out I was a big fan of fresh fruit and vegetables, he regularly suggested going to nice food markets. While I was exploring a large market, he was waiting outside the car with a cigarette and didn’t mind it at all. Indonesians can really appreciate it if you delve into their culture or language. They really like it when you greet or thank them in Bahasa (Indonesian language).

Good with your Bali internship!

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