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    Offering an internship, what are the advantages?

    • Trainees are in training and therefore have the most up-to-date specialist knowledge.
    • Trainees are young and enthusiastic. They are eager to show their worth.
    • Trainees learn quickly and need little time to learn.
    • Trainees often have a fresh, different perspective on things. You can use this to your advantage when setting up or modernising your business operations.
    • Trainees can often be deployed on (specialist) jobs or issues that you do not quickly get around to. Like a marketing plan, a customer satisfaction survey or automation.
    • Trainees give you a good image and more name recognition at schools and training institutes. Such a breeding ground comes in handy when recruiting staff.
    • Trainees receive no salary, at most an internship allowance.
    • Trainees can grow into your future employees.