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NIE-number for an internship in Spain

When you are going to do an internship in Spain in Barcelona or Madrid you might need a NIE-number. In this blog you can read what a NIE is, when you need it, how AE Internships can support you and what the entire procedure entails.

What is a NIE?

When you are going to live in Spain you will need a NIE-number for all authorities. The NIE is the same in Spain as a BSN number in the Netherlands. The abbreviation NIE stands for 'Número de Identificación de Extranjeros'. It is a number that is completely unique, exclusive and personal to foreigners living in Spain. The Spanish themselves have a similar number, the DNI 'Documento Nacional de Identidad', which is only for people who are officially registered as residents in Spain.

NIE stagelopen Spanje Madrid Barcelona

When do I need a NIE?

If you are going to do an internship in Barcelona or Madrid, it is not always necessary to apply for an NIE. There are two situations where you will need to apply for a NIE: when you receive an internship allowance from a Spanish company or when you stay in Spain for more than three months at a time. However, this is legally required but not always respected. When you have applied for a NIE number it is valid forever, so if you have plans to stay in Spain after your internship, you do not need to apply for the NIE again.

A NIE number is also useful for arranging housing, insurance, buying a car, social security, electricity, guest, water, telephone and internet. Even if you are going to stay in Spain for less than three months.

NIE stagelopen Spanje Madrid Barcelona

How can AE Internships support you in this?

Applying for a NIE-number is a complicated process, especially if you speak little or no Spanish. It is possible to arrange this yourself, however it is important to start well before departure. If you want to arrange this yourself, you can do so through the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. AE Internships has a handy PDF document available where the steps for applying for a NIE are extensively described. This document is available to everyone who will do an internship in Spain through AE Internships.



The procedure is described briefly below:

1. Make an appointment online

2. Fill in EX-15 form and print/save it

3. Fill in and print/save Form 790-012 and pay the fee by bank transfer

4. Bring valid passport or identity card and make one/two copies

5. Take one/two passport photos with you (although it is not mandatory but you never know)

6. Don't forget to give a reason for the NIE application.

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