Coworking Barcelona Internship Abroad

Need a place to work during your internship in Barcelona?

This blog is useful for you when you need a place to work during your internship in Barcelona. For example, to arrange personal matters such as job applications or school matters such as writing an internship report or a thesis. In this blog you can read what a coworking space is, our recommendations regarding coworking spaces in Barcelona, other (free) workplaces in the city and their advantages.

What is coworking?

Coworking is working in a shared working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs/students. In the coworking community you share knowledge and skills with each other, there is an opportunity for networking and you can even set up collaborations. As a student, you don't want to spend all day in your room. As part of the coworking community, you are automatically invited to social and informal events. Think of interesting workshops or (local) excursions.

Coworking Barcelona Internship Abroad

Recommended coworking spaces in Barcelona

AE Internships has some great collaborations with coworking spaces in Barcelona that we would like to share with you.

CREC Coworking

This coworking space is located in the cities of Barcelona and Sabadell. In total, CREC has three locations. From all three locations, AE Internships students can work with a 10% discount. It is possible to choose a half or full day pass. It is also possible to buy a 10-ride card. You can use these whenever you want, spread over your internship period.

-CREC Poble Sec was founded in 2012. A space of more than 1000m2, with 150 coworking positions, meeting and training rooms, therapy room, photo studio, office and several common areas to communicate.

- CREC Eixample. A custom space in the centre of Barcelona that has permanent and flex spaces including a meeting room and one or more offices.

- CREC Sabadell is the last coworking space, but it is located about 30 km from Barcelona.

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 672, 08010 Barcelona
Cost per day for AE students: €10
Cost for 10 day pass: €50 (for all locations and use the days whenever you want)


The goal of the originally Dutch DepotLab is to make sure your experience is not only productive, but also fun, dynamic and truly inspiring. 

The coworking platform is built on the following pillars:, inspiration, innovation, fun, creativity and last but not least, Dutch sobriety. DepotLab has three locations where flex and fixed desks can be rented. This is possible for one day or for a longer period. 

- DepotLab Gracia 

- DepotLab Eixample 1 (Carrer del Bruc 149 08037 Barcelona)

- DepotLab Eixample 2

Address: Carrer del Bruc 149 08037 Barcelona
Fee per day for AE students: €7,50 (location DepotLab Example 1)

Coworking Barcelona Internship Abroad

Public workplaces

Federal Café
This café is definitely one of the favourite places to have brunch in Barcelona. For many, Federal is the best place to study and work because of its spacious interior, natural daylight and fast Wi-Fi. Numerous small and large tables with power outlets welcome workers to this cool café. Federal Café's menu includes traditional brunch and breakfast favourites.

Coco Coffice Café
Within walking distance of Federal, Coco Coffice is located in Sant Antoní. Upon entering, your eye is immediately drawn to the bright and trendy interior. This quirky establishment combines coffee and office work (which explains the name) in a new co-working concept, where employees pay for the time they spend there. Sounds like any normal co-working space, but the unique thing about visiting Coco Coffice is that you also get to use the kitchen facilities. These are not standard facilities, as there is a variety of tea, coffee, fruit and snacks; all ingredients that make you feel at home right away. There is also a small meeting room available, as well as a mini boutique with books and magazines. Rates range from €3 per hour and there are various flexible offers for your work and study needs. Already convinced?

Barceloneta beach
What could be more delightful than writing your thesis or internship report while enjoying the lovely weather and fantastic sea views from the beach? This is all possible at Barceloneta beach because of the possibility to use free WIFI! 

Coworking Barcelona Internship Abroad

Is it better for me to choose a coworking space or another workplace?

That depends on your own needs, of course. The main advantage of coworking over working from home is that you make the most of the shared benefits. You are part of a group of people, each with his/her own specialist knowledge and with a broad network. Other coworkers can hold up a mirror to you about your idea or thesis but they can also give you advice or tips. Coworking leads to proven better results than working at home. 

If you are more productive when you can work independently and facilities such as fast Wi-Fi and good chairs are less important, then a coffee shop might be a better solution for you! 

If there are any questions about finding a workplace or the discounts, please let us know! Good luck with your Barcelona internship!

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