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Madrid, by far the coolest city of Spain

Hola! I am Emiel, a 23 year old International Business student from Rotterdam. I would like to share my Madrid experience with you.

Before my internship, during my study International Business I had to do an internship abroad. I preferred to stay in Europe and live in a big city. This, in combination with my love for Spain, meant that only a few options remained. Before my internship I had already been on holiday in Barcelona and Valencia, but I had never been in Madrid before. Because I am very adventurous, I quickly made my decision: I will do an internship in Madrid.

After approaching several companies without any success, I decided to look for an internship together with AE Internships. My internship was arranged within 4 weeks!

Looking back on my internship in Madrid, it really flew by so fast. In addition to my cool E-commerce internship, the city of Madrid surprised me very positively. The city certainly has a new fan for life. Madrid is by far the coolest city of Spain!

een stage in Madrid

Why is Madrid so cool?

It's hard to explain, it's a mix of 101 things that make the city so unique. The city has no world famous sights and is often skipped by many as a holiday or internship destination because of Spain’s attractive cities on the coast such as Barcelona and Valencia. I can say from my own experience that this is unjustified! Madrid has everything to offer for students: parks to relax, countless restaurants, many hours of sunshine, a large student community and a big party scene. I may also be a little biased because I lived in the middle of the centre, but I really see Madrid as a city that never sleeps! Before my internship I was already in a group chat with a lot of other students. Some of them are now lifelong friends.

In short, the ingredients for an unforgettable internship Madrid are there. Make it one to remember!

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