The highlights of Berlin!

The highlights of Berlin!

Berlin has something to offer for everyone: cultural hotspots, museums, monuments, amazing restaurants, incredible street food and it’s great for shopping. There are many highlights you can’t miss during your internship in Berlin. In this blog you can read all the highlights of Berlin:

Berlin Wall

We start with the biggest influence on Berlin and what in the last 60 years changed Berlin a lot, the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was a big element of German history after the second world war when the GDR (German Democratic Republic) built a wall around West-Berlin. To prevent citizens from fleeing to the west. The wall also known as “The Iron Curtain” was 160km long and was standing from 1961 and fell on 9 November 1989. The most famous part of the wall that is still standing is the East Side Gallery. This is the longest open-air art gallery in the world. The wall is full of graffiti murals of artists from the 90’s. The combination of history and culture makes this one of the highlights of Berlin and worthy of a visit. Checkpoint Charlie is one of the famous attractions of Berlin and this was the only entrance where tourists could make the crossing from East to West Berlin.


Because of the Berlin Wall the Alexanderplatz was the forced city centre of East-Berlin. With a large fountain in the middle of the square. This is now a popular meeting point for many young people. The largest attraction is very close by and it is the Fernsehturm and is, with 368 meter the largest building of Berlin. On 203-meter high is a viewpoint with a restaurant that is turning to give you an amazing view over the whole city.


One of the most impressive locations in Berlin is the monument for the victims of the Holocaust. The surface is 19.000m² and is made from 2700 concrete blocks that vary in height from 20 centimeters to 4,5 meters. The blocks symbolize the feeling of the Jewish people during the Nazi-regime, and this translates to the visitors when they are standing between the large blocks. If you want to know more about the dark history of Berlin a visit to the Jewish Museum is a must.

Potsdamer Platz

During the second world war many buildings got destroyed by the bombs. That’s the reason why the buildings on the Potsdamer Platz are known for its modern architecture and the many theaters, stores, cinemas, and restaurants. It is the new heart of Berlin and the perfect place for shopping. From the Potsdamer Platz it is a 10-minute walk to the Brandenburger Tor, which might be the most famous landmark of Berlin. This is also the same place where the American president Ronald Reagan held his famous speech. When he said: ”Mr. Gorbachev open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”.

Europe’s capital of nightlife

Berlin is known as the capital of Europe’s nightlife not without reason and has great options for everyone. For example, lively bars, R&B clubs, and techno clubs that are open day and night. The Oranienstrasse has many different bars, cafes, and restaurants you can’t miss out on. The most famous techno club “Tresor'' in Kreuzberg has been the center of Berlin's nightlife for many years. “The Watergate '' is a large club next to the river Spree with amazing out and inside areas. In conclusion Berlin is the perfect location for partying during your internship and discovering everything it has to offer.

The amazing restaurants & Street food of Berlin

Berlin is known for German food that is available at a fair price, but it also has a big influence of many international restaurants. A variety of Asian, Spanish, Italian and French kitchens that are thriving. The prices are similar to the Netherlands. During your internship you can order an amazing main course for €15 - €20. Berlin also has an amazing street food scene and on the top of the list is the kebab. This is the biggest favorite in Germany and Berlin has more than 1000 kebab sellers. The Germans love of course also their own delicacies such as “currywurst” that goes with curry sauce and fries. Another phenomenon in Berlin is the “Thai Park” where during the summer many people are selling delicious typical Thai dishes. We can’t forget the Mauerpark, the most visited weekend destination in Berlin. Every Sunday this market is open and there are many food stalls with amazing different kinds of delicacies.

In summary Berlin has to offer such a large variety now there is only one thing for you to do and is to decide what visit first during your Berlin internship. Are you convinced to do your internship in Berlin, or do you have questions, or do you want to apply for an internship? Get in contact with us through our website. Apply without any initial costs and we get back to you in one working day.

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