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Stage Curacao


An internship on the tropical island Curaçao!

Curaçao, the biggest island of the Dutch Antilles and a very popular internship destination for many students. With more than 35 spectacular beaches and a perfect climate this is the choice to make.

Experience while learning

We carefully select the internship companies that we collaborate with. This way we know for sure that you will have an educational period in addition to a great time.

€499,- Internship mediation

  • Down payment on a no cure no pay basis
  • An internship tailored to your needs
  • Support before and during your internship
  • Help with finding a suitable accommodation
  • Support with getting an internship permit
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How does it work?


After applying on our website, we will contact you within one working day to discuss your needs & wants without any obligation.

Internship proposal

AE Internships compiles your personal profile after you have made the down payment of € 150,- (no cure no pay). With a potential fit, a proposal for your ultimate dream internship will be made.


An interview follows between you and the company. When there is a match and approval from your study program, the remaining mediation costs will be charged.

The preparation

The other necessary matters are set in motion to prepare you as good as possible for your Curaçao experience. Think of: accommodation and internship permit.


You fly to Curaçao and will have the time of your life! During your internship period, AE Internships also offers support with any complications and/or questions.

Do you have any questions? Contact Danielle, your personal Curaçao expert.

Stage Curacao

A small selection of our Internship Companies

To give an indication, below you will find a small selection of the unique internship companies which AE Internships collaborates with. Is your dream internship not listed? Do not worry, AE Internships has a very wide range of internship offers.

Stage Curacao

IHC Architects

IHC Architects is an experienced and ambitious full-service architect and engineering agency with offices in Holland and Curaçao. The projects diverge from houses in all sizes to big hotels and complete interior projects.

Stage Curacao

Curaçao activities

Curaçao Activities is the local specialist in tours and activities on the island. With more than 12 year experience and local expertise they offer a great variation in tours.

Stage Curacao

Madero Ocean Club

Madero Ocean Club is a lifestyle brand with elements of fine-dining, entertainment and music. This vibrant place is well known as one of the most stylish beach clubs on the island.

Looking for your dream internship? We are here to help you!

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Without any obligation and on a no cure no pay basis

internship Curaçao

The Caribbean island of Curaçao!

Curaçao is the biggest of the ABC-islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao). The island is a very popular internship destination and has a large student community. The is due to the perfect climate, stunning beaches, good atmosphere and kind people. 

Curaçao has a lot of Dutch roots, this is also because of the fact Curaçao belongs to the kingdom of the Netherlands. That is why you will find a lot of Dutch people on the island. There are three official languages in Curaçao: Papiamento, English and Dutch. Spanish is also widely spoken on the island because of the large number of immigrants in Curaçao.

This tropical multicultural island has a lot to offer, in combination with a great internship you will have the time of your life!


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My time in Curaçao was wonderful! When I think back about my internship I get a really warm feeling. Big thanks to the team of AE Internships for providing this opportunity to me.

Nina (19), Hospitality

AE Internships helped me with finding a suitable internship in Curaçao. I found my internship within 3 weeks, this was very convenient because I had a deadline to meet.

Kwint (20), Marketing

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