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Internship abroad

Temporary COVID-19 Arrangement

What if my internship cannot take place due to the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus still exists. Because the virus brings much uncertainty, we like to clarify what this can mean for you and your internship abroad. 

The process always starts with a down payment (€150, -). Our general terms and conditions remain applicable to this down payment in this situation. The other costs will only be charged when there is a match between you and the internship company and when the internship is approved by your study program. If the internship cannot take place due to the coronavirus, we will do anything to find a suitable solution. For example, the internship can often be postponed to another period, in consultation with you, your study program and the internship company.

If the internship period cannot be rescheduled, you can often rely on your insurance. Whether you will be compensated for the costs incurred differs per insurance and coverage. If the request is rejected, we will meet our students by reducing the restmediation costs by 50%.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.