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Doing your internship in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is one of the most diverse cities in Europe. The city is truly international, which can be seen and heard while walking through Amsterdam. Varied languages can be heard and also the variation of international restaurants can be seen in all neighborhoods. 

While most foreigners identify Amsterdam with the Red Light District, coffee shops, and nightlife, they forget that the city is much more than that. Rich in World War II history, art, café culture, and of course stunning canals makes Amsterdam an amazing place for an unforgettable internship.

Transport yourself easily

Getting around with public transportation is very easy with the OV-chipcard, which you can charge at many places in the city. With OV-chipcard it is, besides transporting yourself in Amsterdam, possible to travel the entire country with trains and busses to cities throughout the Netherlands. This is a great opportunity to explore the rest of The Netherlands. 

If you would like to transport yourself around as a local, buying or renting a bicycle is the way to go. Everywhere you can find bike paths which make it very convenient and safe to drive a bike.

How to spend your free time

Amsterdam has a varied range of activities. On a day off or after a busy internship day there is always something to do.On the weekends, or after finishing your internship day, you can go to Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein for a great local nightlife experience. Each square is ringed with bars and clubs that stay open until early in the morning. 

Are you interested in something historical? Then you are in the right city! You have plenty museums including the famous Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum which can be found in the Museumplein area. 

Also, Amsterdam is famous by its forty parks throughout the city. Perfect to spend a lazy day of recovering from the night before or recharging for the internship week ahead. The biggest park of Amsterdam is called Vondelpark, which has bike paths and cafes throughout.

In short, Amsterdam is a truly international city which is rich in World War II history, art, café culture, and of course stunning canals. Getting around with public transportation is very easy by OV-chipcard and driving the bike is another safe option. Nightlife can be found at Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein and at Museumplein area can be found plenty museums. Also, the famous parks throughout the city are perfect to spend your free time. For sure, you will not get bored during your internship in Amsterdam!

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